Floral pool headphones by Ideal Gomma

Floral pool headphones

Today we are talking about the Ideal Gomma pool floral headphones.

Ideal Gomma, founded in the 1950s by Nadij and Eugenie Mahlab, was the first company to import and distribute in Italy pure natural rubber products made according to the best and most modern processing techniques.

A rich story of innovations that has given birth to special products, such as vintage floral headphones, which make every woman really chic.

From Ideal Gomma, in fact, you can find a line of vintage headphones rich in many models including, every woman can choose their own floral headphone ideal, giving birth to a cheerful, unique and colorful look. In a word: glamorous.

Ideal Gomma’ swimming headphones are also manufactured with premium quality raw materials and each one is inspired by a specific theme, from nature to art, to give everyone the capability to wear the most suitable headphone model Own mood and personality.

As in the 1960s, right from the most popular beaches such as Saint Tropez, Taormina, Capri and beyond the Hamptons and New Jersey, the vintage pool headphones Ideal Gomma are designed not only to protect your hair but also to give to those who wear it a touch of class and elegance.

In honor of every woman, in fact, Ideal Gomma has created different collections, more chic than the other, to allow everyone to wear the headset that best suits their taste or mood of the moment. Look to believe and choose your favorite models among the available collections: the “Candy Flower” collection, the “Flower Art Monocolor” collection, the “Flower Art Multicolor” collection, the Flower Festival collection, the “Flower for Three “and finally the pool headphone collection called” Lady Ruffle “.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Ideal Gomma website and choose your favorite floral headphone!


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