Fast fashion becomes more smart thanks to the labels with RFID tags

Kaos, Angela Davis and King Kong brands have invested in supply chain by providing the labels of its clothing of RFID tag

Fast Fashion is always smarter and more “intelligent” by implementing projects based on Internet of Things and connectivity products.

Kaos, the Italian clothing brand born at the end of 80s, always characterized by an impeccable logistics, has also decided to invest in RFID technology to make its products communicating with each other and connected to the network through the use of “intelligent” labels.

In fact, in order to rationalize and make more efficient the company, Kaos, flanked by Angela Davis and King Kong brand, has decided to focus on RFID technology to streamline processes, to solve the movement of goods according to criteria more efficient and to reduce margins of error.

The aim was to be able to manage easily and effectively all phases of operation in warehouses in all the hundreds of points of sale throughout Italy and abroad.

Through the use of smart labels applied during production of clothing, each handling products of the Italian clothing brand is constantly monitored throughout the supply chain, from suppliers to stores, by covering the input phases, the output phases and inventory phase.

Moreover, thanks to the adopted RFID technology, it’s possible to check out anytime the products on display in the various outlets and the inventory.

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