Hoda Kotb Reveals Her Weight: “Time to Drop Some Lbs.!”

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 After a post-New Year’s Day shocker, Hoda Kotb has a pretty common new year’s resolution: Lose weight.

The 52-year-old co-anchor of the fourth hour of NBC’s Today show posted on her Instagram page Thursday a photo of her standing on a scale that reads “152.0 lbs.”

“Ok I stood on the scale this am,” she wrote. “Time to drop some lbs! #starttoday #teamhoda post your weight and let’s do this!! Xo”

Kotb also shared her weight gain shocker on the Today show.

“So you know when you have a good night ‘cause you don’t eat much ‘cause you’re in front of your boyfriend and then you get up in the morning and you work out and you’re like, ‘Yes, yes, yes’?” she said. “I got on the scale and I took a picture of it and I weigh, I weight, I’m just gonna say it…152.”

“And I was so ticked. You know when you look at something and you go, ‘What happened?'” she added. 

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Kotb said Today show nutritionist Joy Bauer told her to start putting snacks inside of a plastic bag every time she moves to eat them. Kotb then took out a Ziploc plastic bag containing Life Savers mints and red grapes.

“This is in between meals,” she said. “You don’t realize how much grazing and eating weird things that you’re doing and I was counting things and she said, ‘Well how many of those do you eat?’ And I said, ‘Usually a handful.’ So I threw a handful in. So all day long, I was supposed to put everything in between meals in this bag.”

Meanwhile, some of her Instagram followers heeded her call to share their own weights. Many also offered words of encouragement.

“You’ve got this Hoda, love ya,” one person wrote.

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