Zac Posen on What to Eat, Drink, and Wear to Every Picnic This Summer

Wednesday evening, the birds were out chirping in the trees of the garden café at Ladurée in SoHo, where Zac Posen was throwing a summer dinner party to toast his latest design, a wrapper for a wine bottle. While this was a charming little scene – Morena Baccarin from Deadpool, models Ava McAvoy and Cindy Bruna surrounded Posen at his table – some guests discovered that birds are not always the most gracious guests.


Well, nevertheless, Posen’s party was a nice respite from all the human resources trauma happening this week in fashion land, and the pinot grigio on hand seemed to be loosening things up a bit. Posen had designed a second bottle for Ecco Domani Wines, the company that gave him a runway sponsorship nearly 15 years ago with its prize for emerging designers, and so it was fun for him to dream up a tribute that had a picnic theme, as guests were handed wicker baskets and ordered to pick through some napkins and wine glasses to take home as treats.

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So what’s in your basket, Posen?

“If I planned a picnic, I would make sandwiches,” the designer said. “They’re easy to go, easy to pack.”

Carbs, no?

“A picnic means a destination, so you have to walk there and work off the calories,” he said. “I would definitely bring a bottle of wine and cut fruit. You can also bento-style it with sliced vegetables; maybe a dip like baba ganoush because right now it’s eggplant season. Then I’d probably do a chilled soup in a Thermos, like a gazpacho, and cold sliced steak. For those recipes, you’ll have to wait for Cooking With Zac.” (It’s coming in fall 2017.)

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But not for the pinot, right?

“It does have a high alcohol content,” Posen said. “I did a bottle last summer for them as well, and my mother, father and I, at their farm in Pennsylvania, had a lot of fun. It’s definitely a get-going drink. I make sorbet out of it.”

Were you sober when you designed the bottle? Or am I seeing spots?

“I rarely drink,” he said. “The design is an abstract polka dot, something celebratory like confetti.”

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What goes with pinot?

“Chiffon, cotton, seersucker. This is good for a Zac Zac Posen dress and also an excellent choice with Brooks Brothers.”  


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