Seth Meyers' Son Ashe Is the Pittsburgh Steelers' Littlest Fan


Seth Meyers bleeds black and gold.

So, it should come as no surprise that the 42-year-old Late Night host’s 5-month-old son Ashe Meyers is also a Pittsburgh Steelers fan (whether he wants to be or not). To show his team spirit, Seth shared an Instagram picture of his mini-me wearing a jersey, surrounded by swag. “First Stillers Sunday for Ashe!” he said. “I would put his current excitement level at ‘tentative.'”

History seems to be repeating itself, as Seth’s own father, Laurence Meyers, raised his boys to root for the same NFL team. As a teenager living in New Hampshire, Seth used his allowance to subscribe to The Post-Gazette just to read about the Steelers. At the time, it took about three days to reach his doorstep. “This was pre-Internet,” he said in 2014. “That’s how dumb it was.”

Laurence—who grew up in East Liberty and attended Carnegie Mellon for graduate school—appeared on Late Night in 2014 and explained why Seth had no other choice but to follow his lead. “The notion that I would have a couple Patriots fans in my house was unacceptable,” he joked. “And I had to feed you. Otherwise, they put you in jail, if you don’t feed your children.”

No matter where he is, Seth always finds a way to support his favorite team on game day. “One of the sad things about living in Manhattan is not being able to get a DirectTv dish. So despite having a fairly high profile television job, I watch the games more often than not on my iPad,” he admitted to The Post-Gazette in 2016. “But that’s better for my wife [Alexi Meyers]. She prefers that I have to hole up in a corner with my mobile device.” Still, his favorite person to enjoy the games with is his brother, actor Josh Meyers. “I think we have an ability to watch, while remembering that it isn’t life or death. I have too many Steelers fans, and my father is at the top of this list, where it’s so fraught that I don’t actually enjoy it. I realized that I enjoy the week between games after the Steelers have won more than I enjoy the three and a half hours I’m watching the game. I just want it to be over, have had them won, so I can read about it.”

Watching from afar is better for Seth, who met a few players in 2015. As he explained on his NBC show, he ran into Franco Harris while working in Phoenix for Super Bowl Week. While Franco “couldn’t have been a nicer guy,” Seth admitted to crying when Franco signed with the Seattle Seahawks. But that moment paled in comparison to when he talked to running back Le’Veon Bell in the elevator. “I said, ‘Hey man, I’m a Steelers fan. Congratulations on the amazing season!’ And he said, ‘Thank you, sir.’ I realized he said, ‘Thank you, sir,’ because he is 22—and I am twice as old as he is. When you have that realization about athletes, your brain folds in on itself and rips apart. Because I realized to him, I am an old man—whereas he was a giant person and I was kind of hoping he was going to pick me up and carry me like a baby.”

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