Michael Buble Doesn’t Know How to Eat Corn on the Cob, So the Internet Had to Photoshop Him

Michael Buble, Michael BubléFern Sharpshooter/Splash News

We love Michael Buble like Michael Buble loves Christmas specials.

But listen… Michael Buble’s corn on the cob game is weak, people.

We know, we hate to judge, too, but the cute crooner’s attempts to nom on a cob while strolling through Disneyland this week is very questionable.

Does he know not all yellow food items are bananas? Is he aware what people may want to do with Photoshop and a pic like this?

We have no word from Buble on why he chooses vertical, rather than the traditional horizontal, method of cob eating, but we can bring you some hilarious Internet Photoshop jobs of this corny pic.

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Warning: There are no NSFW pics included.

Yes, some Internet users Photoshopped very phallic imagery over the cob.

These are the funny, wholesome Photoshop jobs that came from Buble taking a cob to the face.

Want to see infinite corn on the cob eating Buble? There’s a GIF for that.

There’s also a Buble trying to fight distractions from John Travolta.

Can a man eat his cob in peace?!

The singer, at the annual Nathan’s hot dog eating contest, looks like he already moved onto the next course…

Wrong food, Buble!

Or, you know, things can get meta.

Is Buble eating corn… or is corn eating Buble?

And there’s the comparison to Tom Hanks eating tiny corn in Big

Did we mention the penis Photoshops?

Yeah, we’re not including those. Sorry.

But we’ll admit, after the Disneyland corn, we can’t wait to see what Buble does with one of those jumbo turkey legs.

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