A Brief Education in Nick Jonas's Tattoos

When Nick and Joe Jonas had matching tats created in Los Angeles ahead of Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards to get the fresh ink and we have to admit, it totally warmed our JoBro-missing hearts.

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While Joe was first out of the gate to hit up social media with a post of his new tattoo, Nick was quick to follow up wtih a Snapchat, sharing an image of them standing side by side to show off the finished product. Each had an arrow added to the back of their bicep, with the arrows pointing towards each other.

Seriously, guys? Are you just trying to make us fawn over you more?

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The whole situation made us want to take a little walk down memory lane to pay homage to Nick’s other tattoos, like the God ink he got back in 2013 that he said means: “God is greater than the highs and lows.”

There was also the “Mercy” tattoo in 2012.

The youngest Jonas Brother appears to put a lot of thought into what he wants permanently inked on his body (smart guy) and now that he’s synced up with Joe on at least one tat, we’re eager to see what he dabbles in next.

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