The Voice: Who Should Win Season 11?

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“Everything has led to this moment,” Carson Daly told us at the beginning of The Voice: Live Finale, Part 1

And indeed it has, we guess, because just as everything that has ever happened has led to everything that is happening, everything that has happened will also lead to whoever wins The Voice tomorrow night. 

If you didn’t get all that, it’s fine, because it’s mid December and we didn’t either. We’re still flummoxed to find ourselves at the end of yet another season of The Voice, trying not to assume that yet another former child star is going to take home the win once again. 

Tonight, Billy Gilman proved he’s good, but two other contestants proved they’re just as good, if not better, and tomorrow night’s finale could prove to be an actual nail-biter! 

Let’s talk about who should win: 

Josh Gallagher (Team Adam)

This country singer is a very country singery country singer. We are admittedly not experts on this kind of music, but he seems to be of the most basic variety of country singer and he probably didn’t deserve to make it to the final four. And when we say probably, we mean definitely. 

His original song was fine, and “Jack and Diane” was where he really shined, but based on his performance with Adam in their Santana duet, he’s the weakest of the bunch, vocals-wise. Or you know, voice-wise. This isn’t his show to win. 

Sundance Head (Team Blake)

As we said, we’re not experts on country music, but we love some soul and we are experts on things that give us chills, and Sundance’s voice is one of those things. He’s got a good voice, and he’s got songwriting skills, and he’s also got the quirkiest name on the stage, and a famous singer for a dad, so he’s pretty much set for life as a musical artist. He doesn’t really need to win. 

In other news, we’re off to buy his cover of “At Last” on iTunes…

Billy Gilman (Team Adam)

As happy as we are to see Billy Gilman happy and finding his way into the music industry as an adult, we’re still not exactly sure what kind of artist he wants to be. He keeps saying pop, but his song choices aren’t exactly giving us pop in 2016. 

Sue us, but we thought a pretty standard cover of “My Way” was a WEIRD choice for a 28 year old looking for a second chance in pop music, regardless of the story it tells. We can’t see a whole lot of people downloading this new version of that song, which just makes us think of the gorilla from George of the Jungle classic Frank Sinatra, obviously. 

Everything else he sang was fine, but nothing blew us away, and that’s what we want a Voice winner to do, right? 

Wé McDonald (Team Alicia)

Sometimes, depending on the song, Wé’s unique and surprising voice doesn’t sound quite right, but damn when she finds the right thing to sing, it’s magic. Her original, “Wishes,” was just not our fave unfortunately, but then she asked us not to rain on her parade and we were like dang, girl! She’s got some Broadway chops we were not expecting! 

Hopefully, she can lean more in that direction, because that was a thousand times better than the awkward key of her single, and a sign that this girl could easily pull a Jennifer Hudson. This time, however, this Jennifer Hudson should win her singing competition show before becoming a movie star and a Broadway star and a NBC live musical star. Ya hear that, America?? 

What did you think? Sound off in the comments!

The Voice season 11 finale airs tomorrow night at 9 p.m. on NBC. 

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBC Universal family.) 

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