The Royals Star Max Brown Teases ''Big Revelations'' With Prince Robert's Return in Season 3: ''There's a Lot of Drama''

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He’s back!

At the end of Sunday’s episode of The Royals, Prince Robert (Max Brown) came face to face with Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) in the palace, and fans can expect “a lot of drama” with his return to the monarchy, according to Brown.

Back in June it was announced that Brown had been cast in the role of Prince Robert, the son of Queen Helena and the late King Simon (Vincent Regan). Prince Robert was presumed dead for most of the series, until the season two finale when we saw a man washed up on a beach next to a helmet with the name “R. Henstridge.”

So now that he has made it off the island and returned to the palace, what can we expect from Prince Robert this season?

“There’s some big revelations with him coming back into the fold,” Brown tells E! News. “Obviously Prince Robert has been brought up as the first born son of the family and groomed to be the next King of England so there’s a lot of drama surrounding that.”

During the first two seasons, Brown explains that there was this “picture painted” of Robert as someone who is “very moralistic” and someone who lives the royal lifestyle in the “right way” in both his public and private life.

“But over the season you realize he’s a lot more complex that you initially thought,” Brown reveals.

Robert’s return will also have a major impact on his siblings, Princess Eleanor and Prince Liam (William Moseley), who after a DNA test proved he’s the son of the late King Simon, was about to dethrone King Cyrus (Jake Maskall) and become king.

“He and his sister are very tight and he’s supportive of her and loving and he kind of fathers her,” Brown explains. “And his brother, they have that brotherly relationship where they have a lot of competitiveness and that all kind of comes throughout the season and it’s great.”

And if you’re ready to see some major fights and tons of drama, you’re in luck. According to Brown, all of these will be found in season three of The Royals.

“I think this third season is full of big, big drama,” Brown says. “There’s the fight over the crown, there’s Prince Robert’s return from the dead.”

Brown continues, “And that brotherly kind of rivalry between me and Liam is just going to be enjoying to watch.”

We’ll have to wait and see how Prince Robert reacts if he finds out about his brother hooking up with his former flame Catherine (Christina Wolfe)!

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