The Royals Recap: Prince Liam's New Romance With [Spoiler] Will Probably Cause Some Family Tension

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Will another love triangle threaten the monarchy?

After hiding from a ship in the night, Prince Robert (Max Brown) was still stranded on a deserted beach on Sunday’s all-new episode of The Royals. But as his time in isolation continued to stretch on, he began to have visions about returning home to his family and hallucinations about a mysterious, blond woman with a unique, triangle tattoo on her back.

Meanwhile, Prince Liam (William Moseley) was gaining stronger feelings for the blonde from the bar. It was revealed that her name was Catherine (Christina Wolfe) and after he woke up in her apartment with a serious hangover following his fight night, it was obvious the two shared a secret history.

Well, in a surprising twist, it turned out that Robert’s dream girl was in fact Liam’s current flame!

Keep reading to get all the details in tonight’s recap!

As his war with Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) raged on, King Cyrus (Jake Maskall) took measures into his own hands and went on a talk show to announce to the world that he had testicular cancer. But it didn’t take long for Helena to cook up another scheme to win the upper hand and prove Liam’s legitimacy for the throne. She recruited James Hill (Rocky Marshall) to trick Cyrus and lure him out of his bedroom for security protocol, so she would have enough time to snoop around and find some DNA evidence.

Even though Liam was still struggling with the death of Ted Pryce (Oliver Milburn), the situation with Catherine was clearly bothering him as well. Falling for your supposedly dead brother’s girlfriend can’t be easy, after all. Eleanor (Alexandra Park) could tell something was definitely up with Liam, especially with his melancholy mood and all the bruises, so she thought a day at the EDC festival would cheer him up.

It was also the perfect opportunity for her to make Jasper (Tom Austen) jealous since he couldn’t admit he wanted to be exclusive. “He thinks that he can have the cow and still drink from its teats,” she told Liam. “I need to teach him a lesson, so you have to come with me.” Well, two birds, one stone…

Eleanor began to set her sneaky plan in motion when a reporter on the red carpet asked if she was dating anyone. “No one exclusively,” she replied right in front of Jasper’s face. She continued to make a spectacle throughout the day, blatantly flirting with a number of random boys. Liam advised Jasper to stay calm, but he was fuming, so he started knocking out every guy Eleanor talked to!

Helena’s covert plan to gain access to Cyrus’ lair went off without a hitch, but once she got inside, there was not a single strand of DNA to be found. However, in a stroke of luck, she stumbled across his testicle, which had been preserved and memorialized on the mantle. “Vanity, the enemy of all wisdom and common sense,” Helena said in glee. “Let’s go!”

Despite all the craziness around him, Liam still wasn’t in the party mood. Jasper had let it slip that he had a new girl in his life who he wanted to protect, so Eleanor came over for a private sibling chat. “I’ve been asking myself if I’m a good person lately…because of all kinds of things,” he told her. Eleanor adamantly advised him to put himself first for once. “It’s OK to be happy and to want someone who makes your heart race,” she said. “Your goodness, it’s easy to see. You deserve to have whatever you want or whoever you want. I promise, OK?”

And since they were making confessions, Eleanor finally admitted she did want to be exclusive with Jasper, but she didn’t feel good enough or that her “s–t show” lifestyle would be fair to him. “You understand he’s a con man from Las Vegas who tried to rob you and slept with our mother?” Liam replied. LOL!

Later that night, Jasper confronted Eleanor for her childish behavior at the music festival. “I just spent the last 12 hours watching a bunch of douchebags hit on my girl—,” he said before trailing off. He confessed he wanted to be with her too, but it would never be possible for them because of his dark past.

She then led him to the palace library and told him the story about a young queen from 600 years ago who had fallen for her bodyguard. “They started this epic, earth-shattering love affair, quietly, secretly, quite scandalous, but it didn’t matter to them,” Eleanor explained. “They would write the most romantic, aching love letters and hide them in a hollowed out book.” She grabbed the exact one from the shelf and told him she had always wished for someone special to write her a love letter.

Meanwhile, Liam was back at Catherine’s apartment and ready to risk it all. “Tonight, I want to tell the truth,” he said. “That’s what I should have done the first moment I saw you.” Catherine was hesitant. “I can think of a million reasons why we can’t do this,” she told him. “I can think of one big reason.” Hmm, what could that be? But it didn’t matter in that moment because all bets were off once Liam leaned in and kissed her.

Back at the palace, Cyrus was furious when he realized his testicle had been stolen and he knew exactly who should feel his wrath. “Even if those little bastards are Simon’s, you think I’m giving up my reign without a fight?” he asked Helena. “A dying man with sovereign immunity and nothing to lose, so you better watch you back, bitch!”

Somewhere far away, Robert was awakened by a dream of Catherine just as another ship was passing by the beach. That fantasy of her was all the motivation he needed to light a flare and finally signal for help.

Oh, this is about to get good…

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