Princess Eleanor Catches Jasper and James Hill in a Big Lie on The Royals: ''How Could You Both Betray My Trust?''

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Liar, liar!

Even though Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) wanted Jasper (Tom Austen) to send her romantic love letters, she catches him using James Hill (Rocky Marshall) as his ghostwriter in this sneak peek from Sunday’s all-new episode of The Royals. And, she promptly confronts them both for their devious little lie.

“It doesn’t even sound like you,” she tells Jasper. “How could you? These letters were supposed to be between us! How could you both betray my trust like that?”

But before Jasper can even begin to explain his underhanded behavior, James exposes a juicy secret about Eleanor!

“I beg your pardon, Princess, but you had me write your letter as well,” he reveals. Oops!

“This is not about me!” she replies as she clumsily tries to regroup. But it’s too late because the damage is already done.

James hightails it out of the room as Jasper turns to deal with Eleanor. “Wait, you didn’t write that letter?” he asks. “So, you don’t think I have the body of a Greek god?”

“No,” she responds. “No, James does.” Ha!

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