Prince Liam's Frustration With His Brother and Kathryn Builds in This Tense Clip From The Royals

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Prince Liam (William Moseley) is waging a silent war.

In this sneak peek from Sunday’s all-new episode of The Royals, his quiet frustration with his brother, Prince Robert (Max Brown), over Kathryn (Christina Wolfe) continues to build during a game of darts.  

“It’s harder than I imagined settling back in,” Robert confesses to Liam. “I miss dad. I wish he was here now [to] help guide us through. As least I’ve still got you.”

He continues, “Mom’s been filling me in on everything you’ve been doing, all your charity work. I’m proud of you. She thought maybe I should take it over considering my military service.”

“Sure, take it,” Liam responds solemnly. “[It] makes sense.”

Robert then reveals he saw Kathryn earlier that day. “It was nice,” he admits as Liam wildly misses his target.

“I thought you said you’d been practicing,” Robert teases. The older prince then hits the bullseye three times in a row.

“Game!” he announces. “At least some things never change.”

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