Pink and Carey Hart's Daughter Has the Biggest Smile When Holding Her Baby Brother

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It’s time to start a new year with a whole new love.

Just days after Pink revealed to fans that she had welcomed her second child with Carey Hart, the Grammy winner took to Instagram and shared a special family photo.

In the adorable snap, the couple’s oldest daughter Willow Sage Hart had the biggest smile on her face while holding her baby brother.

“Happy New Year #newlove #newlife #newenergy #newhope #newday,” she wrote online. “The harts thank you for your love  and we send it back to you in spades.”

It’s a special time for the Hollywood couple who ended the holiday season off on a special note.

In the days since announcing baby Jameson Moon Hart‘s arrival, both mom and dad can’t help but express their joy.

“The kids are all snugged up on a stormy Friday afternoon. Not gonna lie, saying that @pink and I have ‘kids’ makes me a lil nervous and very grown up,” Carey wrote online. “And I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. #MyWifeDidGood #SheCooked2GoodOnes.”

For those expecting this family to experience a wild New Year’s Eve, you may want to pull the brakes.

According to Carey’s latest Instagram, there are a bit more important things to attend to than a late-night party.

“Oh yeah boy!!!!!!! It’s a party up in here!!!!!!!!” he joked from his kitchen. “Getting my boob pump sterilization on!!!! At least I’m drinking beer.”

Gotta love the parenthood journey!

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