Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Would Give Bridget Marquardt the Most Precious Gift If She Were Her Secret Celebrity Santa

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If she could, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett would giveBridget Marquardt the ultimate gift for the holidays—one she wanted for years.

“A baby,” Kendra told E! News exclusively. “I would give her a baby. I would send her wishes and prayers to have a baby.”

The two co-starred with Holly Madison on the E! reality show The Girls Next Door when the three women lived together with Hugh Hefner at his Playboy Mansion more than eight years ago. Marquardt, 43, revealed this past May she and fiancé Nick Carpenter were undergoing IVF treatments to try and conceive their first child. She had had her eggs frozen in 2008, when she still lived at the Mansion.

“I’ve had a few health issues since I left the Mansion and so fertility has come up as a big issue for me,” Marquardt said in an interview with KTLA-TV in Los Angeles.

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Kendra, who shares two children with husband Hank Baskett, made her comments at a Pay Away the Layaway event, which collects donations to pay off layaway contracts for families in need, at a Kmart in Los Angeles.

Kendra was also asked what should give Hefner, with whom she has remained friendly since she left his home, if she were his Secret Santa.

“Hef just likes cards,” she said. “He loves just cards.”

Kendra also revealed what she would get fellow reality stars Kim Kardashian and Kate Gosselin, as well as her husband.

The latter star, a mother of eight and star of TLC’s Kate Plus 8, had swapped homes and families with Kendra on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap in 2013.

“Oh, man,” Kendra told E! News. “She would definitely need a really big bottle of tequila.” 

As for Kim, Kendra said she would get her and husband Kanye Westa couple tickets to a Lakers game.”

“They need a good night out,” she said. “They need to be normal for a second and just go out to a basketball game.”

And speaking of Kanye, he plays a big part in matching gifts Kendra actually did get for her husband and herself. Watch the video above to find out what they are!

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