John Legend Takes the E!Q in 42 and Reveals the Little Differences in Life Since Daughter Luna Was Born

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John Legend can charm without saying a word—so you can imagine what it’s like when he’s answering some very personal questions.

The artist—who’s a double threat once again with his new album, Darkness and Light, now available and his latest movie, La La Land, currently in theaters (and already making a major award season splash)—sat down to chat with E! News’ Sibley Scoles recently, and we wanted to know about…well, pretty much everything.

Of course, one of our main curiosities was what life is like with daughter Luna in the house now, and Legend happily filled us in on a few notable differences while taking the E!Q in 42.

And in case you were wondering if he sings to his baby girl, he does—even when she’s having her diaper changed. There’s a signature tune for that, of course.

More over, if you assumed that one of the things he enjoys with wife Chrissy Teigen is food…right again! (Though watch the video to see if he actually likes fooling around in the kitchen.)

Teigen’s pot pie is his favorite dish in her repertoire—and chilling at home, eating and watching TV with her and Luna is his idea of a perfect day off.

And perhaps he’s finally enjoying a few days off post-holiday, because his 2016 was jam-packed right up until December, when the fruits of his recent labors—Darkness and Light, his fifth studio album, and La La Land, in which he plays a successful musician who tempts Ryan Gosling‘s struggling jazz pianist with a less purist route to riches—came out within a week of each other.

Moreover, the aftermath of the presidential election happened to coincide with his press appearances for both and…Well, as he mentioned to Sibley, he’s comfortable speaking up when a cause matters to him.

In addition to theaters, radio and any streaming service, you can also find Legend’s voice on Twitter.

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