John Cena Wants to ''Bring New Definition to Hump Day'' With Nikki Bella: Watch the Intimate Total Divas Clip!

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John Cena and Nikki Bella aren’t afraid to show a little PDA.

With their busy work schedules, it’s been hard for the couple to find time to spend together, so John and Nikki take advantage of their dinner date and share a very intimate moment in this clip from Wednesday’s Total Divas.

“Let’s do this every Saturday night, just you and I,” John says to Nikki.

“OK,” Nikki agrees. “I wanna give you a big kiss.”

She then gets up and plants a big kiss on John.

“I’m gonna try to dedicate more time to you,” John tells Nikki. “We’ll do a Wednesday nap and we’ll go do some weekend fun. We will bring new definition to hump day.”


Take a look at the Total Divas clip above to see the couple’s intimate dinner date!

Watch a brand-new Total Divas Wednesday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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