Happy 1st Birthday Sailor: See Bristol Palin's Daughter's Cutest Milestones

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Happy birthday, Sailor Grace!

Bristol Palin‘s second child is now 1 years old and is already going to be a big sister next year. Sarah Palin‘s daughter revealed earlier this month that she and husband Dakota Meyer, Sailor’s dad, were expecting their second child together.

Bristol, 26, said he knows their baby’s sex but the rest of their family does not. Bristol is also a mother to son Tripp, who will turn 8 next week.

Bristol and Dakota, a 28-year-old Kentucky-born U.S. Marine vet and war  hero who received the Medal of Honor, had broken up in early 2015 and had begun a custody battle soon after Sailor’s birth. They later reconciled and wed this past June.

Bristol announced she had given birth to Sailor on Dec. 23, 2015.

“Even while pregnant with Sailor (under more unconventional circumstances) I always knew a third child someday would complete our family,” Bristol wrote on her blog earlier this month.

Check out some of Sailor’s cute milestones over the past year:

1. Little Hunter Pre-Teething? In late February, two months after giving birth to Sailor, Bristol posted a photo of the baby wearing a drool bandana, typically given when babies are in their pre-teething stage months before their teeth start to come in. In true Alaska fashion, Bristol, a fan of caribou hunting, dressed her in a black, caribou-patterned one, paired with a white top and camo pants.

“Looks exactly like her daddy!” Bristol wrote.

2. Beach Baby: In early March, two and a half months after Sailor’s birth was announced, the baby enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of the beach with Bristol and aunts Willow Palin, 22, and Piper Palin, 15.


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Sailor also got to splash her little feet in a swimming pool with her mom.

my heart

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3. Smile! Also two and a half months after revealing Sailor’s birth, Bristol posted on Instagram a photo of the baby appearing to smile while looking at her big brother.

“So thankful for my kids,” she wrote.

4. Family Vacation: Also in March, Sailor got to visit her grandfather Todd Palin‘s Alaskan cabin for the first time. Bristol posted a photo of her “Papa” and her 8-year-old brother Trig Palin.

5. Happy Easter: In late March, Sailor experienced her first Easter and got to wear an adorable pink dress.

6. Bonding With Tripp: Sailor and her big brother soon bonded even more as she became more aware of her surroundings and learned to identify familiar faces.

Sailor soon discovered how wonderful it is to play with your best friend.


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7. Happy Mother’s Day: Sailor hung out with her mom, grandma Sarah Palin and her great-grandmother as the family celebrated Mother’s Day.

8. Gunning for Daddy: In July, Dakota posted on his Instagram page a photo of him and Sailor behind a Gatling gun, a forerunner of the machine gun.

“Future member of the NRA!!” he wrote.

9. Daddy-Daughter Bonding: Dakota posted several cute pics and videos of him and Sailor this past year, including a photo of them having a picnic—with Sophie The Giraffe, and a cute clip of him helping her practice balancing on her feet.

10. Drink Up: In late September, Dakota shared a photo of Sailor holding a transition sippy cup. No more baby bottles! 

11. Almost Walking: In October, Dakota posted a pic of Sailor standing and balancing on a cardboard box.

“Walking is close !!!” he wrote. “It’s crazy how much she changes and grows everyday. #prouddad”

12. Little Speedster: Driving before walking? Obviously.

13. Yum! In November, as she continues to develop her taste for solids, Sailor appears to understand the magic that is chocolate.

14. Meeting Santa: Sailor didn’t seem that happy…

15. Baby’s First Steps: “Ok it’s official!! We have a walker @bsmp2,” Dakota wrote on Instagram this week, alongside a video of Sailor walking.

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