Drake and Jennifer Lopez Crowned the King and Queen of ''Prom''–and Share a Kiss on the Lips

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Did Jennifer Lopez and Drake just prove all those romance rumors to be true? 

While many have speculated whether the pair are just putting on a publicity stunt, they may have just confirmed they actually are involved with each other.

The couple attended a fake winter wonderland-themed “prom,” during which they were crowned king and queen (because, of course). After celebrating the sweet moment, they spent the night dancing and grinding on each other…and even shared a kiss on the lips!


Young Empire Music Group CEO Jas Prince posted Snapchats of the cute moment as well as the whole event in general, which several fan accounts caught and shared on their Instagram pages.

At one point, it appears the rumored couple’s new collaboration also played, which they playfully danced to while people circled around them.

Of course, the night also came with a couple outfit changes. J.Lo kicked off the evening wearing a white, fringe ensemble, but then changed into a silver mini dress. Drake, on the other hand, opted for a classic black and white suit.

Meanwhile, J.Lo and Drake originally sparked romance rumors in early December when Drake attended two of Lopez’s Las Vegas concerts back-to-back. Not long after that, the rapper hosted “a super intimate dinner” at Delilah in West Hollywood, which he left alongside the Latin superstar.

Speculation was only heightened when they posted photos on Instagram earlier this weekof J.Lo cuddling up on Drake’s lap while he wrapped his arms around her.

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