8 Reasons Why Shakira and Maluma's “Chantaje” Video is Breaking Records on Vevo

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Shakira does it, again! 

She’s been hypnotizing us since “Hip Don’t Lie” with her seductive choreography and sultry voice. Fast forward 11 years later, and we’re just as mesmerized. The 39-year-old singer is now breaking records with her new music video “Chantaje” featuring fellow Colombian Maluma

The 22-year-old singer and the superstar were clearly a recipe for a hot video, and in less than a month the video has generated over 109 million views. That number just made Shakira’s “Chantaje” the fastest Spanish-language video to reach a 100 million views.  

In typical Shakira fashion, she quickly went on social media to graciously thank her fans and announce the exciting milestone. “Yes, I am in a bathtub, and even though I don’t have any bubbles or champagne, I’m celebrating ‘Chantaje’s’ 100 million views. Thank you so much, I love you guys.”

We had a hunch that the video would break records, here are the reasons we think this video was destined for greatness: 

1. That Pink Hair: In the very first seconds of the video you immediately feel your jaw drop a little. Shakira, girl, you are so rocking this look. 

2. Giving Us Hope: This takes us back to when Drake and Rihanna had a scene in a convenience store in “What’s My Name?”, remember? Just head to the coolers, that’s where it all seems to happen. Yes, Shakira and Maluma are giving hope to us single people that you can randomly meet an insanely attractive person at a store without having to swipe right. 

3. It’s a Wig!: All the while Googling how quickly you can dye your hair pink; the singer reveals that it’s a simple wig. What is happening? Is she a spy? She quickly changes outfits, and we’re so into the blonde Shakira look, too. 

4. Bathroom Dance Scene: Would it be a Shakira music video if there wasn’t an epic dance scene? No. The songstress breaks it down with some amazing choreography, while Maluma peeks through the door. 

5. Maluma and His Drink: Shakira makes her way to the bar and in a very movie-like way slides a shot over to the hunky singer, to which does a Cheers-like gesture towards her. He seriously couldn’t look any dreamier.

6. The Dance on the Mirrors: We live for this scene.

7. A Little Dance: How cute are these two dancing like friends at the end? So adorbs. 

8. THIS: Because if this scene isn’t glorious, we don’t know what is. 

On the Billboard charts, “Chantaje” debuted No. 1 on Hot Latin Songs (chart dated Nov. 19), becoming only the 14th track to debut atop the chart in its 30-year history. 

The song also bowed at No. 96 on the Billboard Hot 100, which was Maluma’s first time on the hit list and Shakira’s 19th time, according to the publication. 

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